Terms and conditions

Following terms and conditions overrides the normal terms and conditions and only apply for Jonairs specially ordered businessflights, for additional terms and conditions press here. (only swedish, for english translation contact Jonair +46 (0)90 12 12 00).

Method of payment

Invoice or card

Max 5 kg (We prefer soft bags), unless otherwise agreed upon.

Cancellation from customer
If cancellation is made 48 hours before departure no cancellation fee is required. If cancellation is made within 48 hours of departure Jonair reserves the right to charge the customer with a cancellation fee of 5000:- Sek.

In the case that the destination aerodrome is not reached due to weather Jonair AB shall provide ground transportation to the destination*, the alternative is to continue to the destination from the alternate aerodrome when the weather so allows.

Flight cancelled by Jonair
For technical reasons a replacement flight is carried out by Jonair AB* if it can be done, if that is not the case a similar aircraft will be leased in to operate the flight**.If flying is not possible the transport will be completed using ground transportation. In case of the destination being unreachable using ground transportation a compensation of 5000 :- Sek will be paid by Jonair AB to the customer for cancellation of the flight.

* Some delay may occur
** European airlines with a valid AOC ( Air operator certificate) approved by the Swedish and European civil aviation authority.

Apart from what has been described above we follow the rules by the European union.

Thanks for flying with Jonair!

Jonair business flight service

Jonair has helped businesses and organizations with travels since 1973. Our services include everything from ad-hoc business flights to dangerous goods and ambulance flights.

We work hard to meet the needs from our customers and strive for perfection on every flight. Our service is available at all times and all year around.

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